A Few Job Hunting Tips (Part II)

So yesterday, in part 1 of my job hunting tips, I went over a few things to keep in mind when looking out for a job. We all know it isn’t easy, especially if you were recently let go from another position. That’s why I hope these simple tips will help get you off your feet and start you off on a new beginning in your life. The numbering is continued from yesterday’s blog entry:

6. For Recent College Grads, Utilize Your Career Planning Center

What my son explained to me was that a lot of his peers complained about his school’s career planning center, when in reality, the majority of the students just never sought out their help. Career planning centers have loads of resources, such as mock interviews for preparing you for grilling sessions (not the 4th of July kind of grilling…), contact information of alumni in elite companies, and many other things that are within your grasp.

Don’t listen to the crowd, thinking that your school can’t help you. It’s just a matter of ignoring all of that noise and asking for help. Develop a good relationship with the people there, and you’ll get all the help you need.

7. Network, Network, Network

I hate to say it…as cliche as it is, it’s all about who you know, not necessarily what you know. In that case, ask friends and family members if they know of any job openings or people who know of such openings. When the moment arises, make sure you have a resume handy so you can easily pass it along. You never know how far a personal recommendation can go, especially if you know people in the right places.

8. Know Your Potential Employer Well

There internet is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? So use it to research on employers when applying and interviewing. A good majority of your competition doesn’t do that, so take advantage of this opportunity to shine.

For example, my son did some research on this one company prior to his interview with them. He had written down in his notes their core principles. As his interview was about to close, the interviewer asked if he had any final things to say or to add. So he went through the list of core principles off the top of his head, explaining through experiences how he exemplifies each one. The interviewer was so impressed that he landed that internship for the summer going into his senior year.

9. Prepare Some Answers to Your Typical Interview Questions

While there are companies out there that have unconventional interview processes, most of them still rely on your typical behavioral questions. Come up with some of them and prepare notes on how you want to answer these question. Don’t come up with a script, as that’ll most likely come off as unnatural. The interviewer will see straight through that.

You’ll feel more comfortable as well, being prepared.

10. Be Yourself

Simple? Cliche? Unoriginal? So be it! Seriously, like with coming up with a script for your interview, acting like someone you’re not will definitely be obvious to your interviewer(s). They can spot that from a mile away. Rather, speak slowly and with confidence to show your potential employer that you know what you’re talking about.

Hopefully you can use some of these to land a Milford CT job! I’m having a lot of fun writing these tips, so expect a part 3 in the near future 🙂

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