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Milford CT Real Estate: Bidding Wars

In Milford, what I’ve been noticing lately is the bidding wars going on for both rentals and potential investment properties. There have been some really nice rentals in prime areas of Milford that have been awarded to high bidders. This is a great sign, especially for landlords and investors. However, for renters, you’ll need to…Continue Reading

I Thought Jorge Posada Would Retire Last Night

Last night, during a terrible Yankee game against the Boston Red Sox, the announcers were constantly talking about Jorge Posada’s self-removable from the lineup. There was speculation that it was either because of his aching back or that Jorge was upset at being placed 9th in the batting order due to his lackluster performance lately.…Continue Reading

Milford CT Mayor Richetelli in Need of Certification for Deputy of Schools Superintendent

In Milford, CT, Mayor James Richetelli’s upcoming position is Deputy of Schools Superintendent. However, he currently needs an education certification from the state of Connecticut prior to taking upon this position. Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Feser says that this is not a big deal, as Richetelli is qualified to receive the certification. If he were…Continue Reading

Milford Garden Club’s May Market

On Saturday, the Milford Garden Club will be hosting their May Market event. Club members will be selling herbs, plants, and vegetables from their own gardens. Baked goods will also be on sale. If you need any assistance or have any questions with your purchases, Master Gardeners will be there to assist and answer your…Continue Reading

A Few Job Hunting Tips (Part II)

So yesterday, in part 1 of my job hunting tips, I went over a few things to keep in mind when looking out for a job. We all know it isn’t easy, especially if you were recently let go from another position. That’s why I hope these simple tips will help get you off your…Continue Reading

A Few Job Hunting Tips (Part I)

With the economy in such a state, things aren’t easy. Either you’re in search of a new job or need another one to make ends meet on top of your full-time career, here are a few tips on your job hunt. Hopefully these will give you a leg up over the competition. 1. Have a…Continue Reading

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