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So what happened to the snow?

In our area of Connecticut, we were expecting approximately one to three inches of snow…yes, and it’s currently spring. What’s up with that? That’s why this morning upon waking up, I was shocked to see the roads and our driveway all clear. The only part of our property with a pile was snow was our…Continue Reading

The 90 Day Challenge

Starting today, I will be posting a new blog entry every other day for at least 90 days. Why is that? I feel like I’ve really been slacking off on this blog as market activity has been picking up for me. Also, to take advantage of this spark in activity, I want to get more…Continue Reading

It Pays to Be a Patient Buyer

One of my clients the other day asked me if she was my worst client. She thought so because we’ve been working together for a few months, still trying to find the home just right for her and her boyfriend. It Pays to Be Patient Here’s the deal with finding a home: it pays to…Continue Reading

Banks Vs. Mortgage Brokers

For most first time homebuyers, their first question is: “Where do we go to pre-qualify if we apply for a loan?” I always tell them the pros and cons of banks and that of working with a mortgage broker depending on their financial status and needs. Small local banks only take applicants with very good…Continue Reading

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale occurs when the proceeds from the sale of a house fall short of the remaining balance owed on the property’s loan. Usually, a seller is unable to pay the mortgage payment and has to sell the property in order to avoid foreclosure. The lender understands that selling the house at a moderate…Continue Reading

Dreaming of Hawaii

Let’s fast forward and pretend all the snow here in CT had melted. Spring fever is in the air. I was inspired by Chris Canfield’s post on Tropical Reminders. My cousin in Hawaii just posted some photos of his place on Facebook. He and his wife live in an apartment facing the beach and have…Continue Reading

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