Cabin Fever in Connecticut

It seems that we already have a very long winter. Aside from all the snowstorms we had and will soon be having next week, most of us had seen enough. We’re experiencing boredom, fatigue, restlessness, or irritability, resulting from a lack of environmental stimulation. Most of us now have symptoms of cabin fever.

Don’t let cabin fever frustrate you this winter season.

Social networking has a big impact on a lot of its members. People turn to sites such as Facebook to enjoy communication with relatives and friends far or near. Another way is to plan and organize your garden and your garden shed. Start listing what seeds to grow. Some are already taking care of their seed starters in their basements.

For house hunters, go visit open houses on weekends. Think spring! February is the start of the spring market for sellers and buyers alike. People want to move to a new environment, decorate, and work on their gardens after a long period of hibernation.

If your offer is accepted in February, closing for those with financing could take anywhere between 45 and 60 days. Start calling your Realtor now to privately check out houses on the market.

If you’re a seller who’s also looking to buy a new house, you don’t want to miss the buyers who are already actively looking right now. If I could be of any help, please don’t hesitate to contact me through email, the contact form on this site, or by calling me.
Don’t miss out on the Spring real estate market.

2 Responses to Cabin Fever in Connecticut

  1. So true abut cabin fever, Lydia. My remedy is making soup and blogging. Although this weeks is going to be warmer so I am planning on hosting a “raggedy Ann/Andy brunch.” I made this up during my third winter in Connecticut. I invite my neighbors over and the rules are bring a dish without going to a lot of expense.

    If you’ve got some eggs — scramble them up and come on over. Got bread, bring that along with your favorite jam or spread. We share a great meal, good conversation and a bit of socializing. Great fun to temper the cabin fever woes.


  2. Those are great ideas! I love making soup as well. Just recently I started blogging, and it’s becoming an addiction, so this new found hobby of mine should keep me busy during the winter months 🙂


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