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It Pays to Be a Patient Buyer

One of my clients the other day asked me if she was my worst client. She thought so because we’ve been working together for a few months, still trying to find the home just right for her and her boyfriend. It Pays to Be Patient Here’s the deal with finding a home: it pays to…Continue Reading

Cabin Fever in Connecticut

It seems that we already have a very long winter. Aside from all the snowstorms we had and will soon be having next week, most of us had seen enough. We’re experiencing boredom, fatigue, restlessness, or irritability, resulting from a lack of environmental stimulation. Most of us now have symptoms of cabin fever. Don’t let…Continue Reading

The American Dream

Hey everyone! I’m Lydia Lucas, a Prudential CT Realtor in Milford, and welcome to my newly redesigned website. Over the years, it has gone over a few changes and even some complete overhauls, but now will grow into your source of information for New Haven County real estate. Whether you’re looking for a rental…Continue Reading

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