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Snow Roof Rakes Are Hot In Milford, CT This Winter

Snow Roof Rakes Are Hot In Milford CT This Winter

Last weekend turned out to be a sunny weekend after a month of snowstorms almost twice every week.

That Friday, my plan was to go early to Home Depot to buy a roof rake. As early as 8am, they were sold out. Now we had to think of making an improvised one since weather forecasters were saying 2 more snowstorms were coming this week. My husband and I looked for aluminum telescopic painting poles in our garage. He attached a piece of metal and wood onto one of these poles, while I attached a paint roller holder onto another. Using the point of the paint roller holder, we managed to break the ice on the roof, and used the pole with the metal and wood attached to scrape down the snow from the roof.

The key here is to use a ladder, rather than stepping onto the roof, as any added weight to the snow could cause the roof to collapse.

Let your creativity and imagination work. Home improvement centers ran out of stock due to increased demands. We need to act as soon as possible to remove or at least lessen the weight of snow on our roofs. Sure, homeowners insurance will cover for collapsed roofs, leaking roofs, and other damages, but they will not be sending adjusters as soon as possible or be replacing the damaged roof due to weather conditions.

I also searched the internet to check the prices of roof rakes, and they seemed to range in price from $20 to $150. Most were sold out, and others will ship only when they become available, some taking up to 1 to 2 months.

If you look at Amazon’s bestsellers in patio, lawn, and garden, every item basically deals with snow removal. After some digging (no pun intended haha), I found two snow rakes in stock.

Midwest Rake 96022 22-Inch Aluminum Snow Removal Roof Rake With 16-Foot Reach

The Midwest Rake 22-inch aluminum snow removal roof rake with 16-foot reach is available at $53.79 with free shipping.

Nordvik Industries 15FT Aluminum Snow Roof Rake, SR15

If you can’t get one of those, then you can try to get the Nordvik Industries 15ft aluminum snow roof rake for $57.99. They require an additional 2-3 days processing, but they are available as of 10:00pm today.

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