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Historically Low Interest Rates for Homebuyers

I just closed a deal on the last business day before 2011 ended. This is also the first time that a client/buyer of mine got a 3.875% fixed interest rate for 30 years. Even her real estate lawyer said the same thing.

Homebuyers may not see these rates again for a long time. Of course, homebuyers applying for a mortgage must have very good credit, a low income to debt ratio, and at least a 20% down payment in order to get the best interest rate.

If you or somebody you know is planning to buy a home now or in the near future, email, call, or contact me through the form below to find out if you qualify for these loan programs with all-time low interest rates.

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I am very optimistic that this year, 2012, Milford CT real estate will be stronger than the past year.

Welcome 2012! I hope this will be a very good year for all of us.

Hurricane Irene Hits Milford CT

When Hurricane Irene hit Milford on August 28, 2011, she came with her strong gusty winds, lots of rain, and big waves from Long Island Sound. The day before Irene arrived, there was a mandatory evacuation ordered for those who live by Bayview Beach, Point Beach, Woodmont, and East Broadway areas. I was attending a…Continue Reading

Downtown Milford is Alive and Well

With the weather warming up (aside from a few days of rain), everyone’s leaving the house and hitting up the local spots in Downtown Milford, including Archie Moore’s and Stonebridge, both of which sport open deck areas. Around 7pm today, I was meeting with a client with mine at the office, and I had to…Continue Reading

Milford CT Mayor Richetelli in Need of Certification for Deputy of Schools Superintendent

In Milford, CT, Mayor James Richetelli’s upcoming position is Deputy of Schools Superintendent. However, he currently needs an education certification from the state of Connecticut prior to taking upon this position. Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Feser says that this is not a big deal, as Richetelli is qualified to receive the certification. If he were…Continue Reading

Milford Garden Club’s May Market

On Saturday, the Milford Garden Club will be hosting their May Market event. Club members will be selling herbs, plants, and vegetables from their own gardens. Baked goods will also be on sale. If you need any assistance or have any questions with your purchases, Master Gardeners will be there to assist and answer your…Continue Reading

Harrison’s in Milford Coming Back?

The Connecticut Post wrote today that the Harrison’s building in downtown Milford, Connecticut has the potential for making a comeback. Cyrus Settineri, chairman of the Economic Development Commission said, “This is not something to get excited about right now, but it is a positive start.” Two other EDC members spoke with ACE Hardware executives to…Continue Reading

Silver Sands State Park/Walnut Beach Boardwalk

Just recently, the 4000 foot Milford, CT boardwalk was completed, connecting both Silver Sands State Park and Walnut Beach. It was not designed in a straight path due to recreational  purposes and for the balancing of surrounding areas. These newly finished boardwalk is perfect for inhabitants of both beach communities, cutting down the total time…Continue Reading

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