Chipotle in Milford, CT!!!

First of all, I would like to apologize to you, my blog readers, as I failed to continue on with this 90 day blog challenge. The season is really starting to ramp up, but I shouldn’t use that as an excuse. Aside from providing visitors with Milford CT real estate listings and listings from other local areas, I want to update you with things going on in the area – real estate related or not.

So I’m going to revive my 90 day challenge. This time, my goal is to post a blog entry each day within this 90 day period! Yes, that’s right. I need to make up for the months I haven’t been able to keep up with entries since my site’s been running.

Comments are welcome as well!

Chipotle Milford CT Logo

Anyway, to the main point of this blog entry is the opening of the Chipotle Mexican Grill in Milford, CT last Tuesday, April 26. I haven’t eaten at Chipotle before, but my son has. He said it’s comparable to La Salsa in Fairfield, which is a high quality fast food Mexican restaurant. While Taco Bell is a guilty pleasure to most people, the quality of its food pales in comparison to La Salsa. Imagine getting Mexican food as good as something you’d find at a sit-down restaurant, yet in a fraction of the time.

Every time I went to La Salsa with my son, we’d get our food within 5 minutes or less. Crazy huh?

Chipotle is different from La Salsa as there are only a few choices in what you can get. At least in the NYC branch my son went to, you fall into line, give your order, and start at a station where the workers heat up your burrito wrap, taco wrap, or a bowl for your salad. As you move down the assembly line, the staff members customize your order to your liking with various meats, beans, cheeses, and vegetables.

Chipotle Burrito Milford CT

Mmmmm! I’m getting hungry typing this out 🙂

Unlike La Salsa, your beverages are not limited to your usual sodas and juices. The Chipotle in NYC also provided diners with a small selection of beers as well as their own signature margarita mix.

I’ve always wanted a fast food restaurant like La Salsa in the area. It’s okay that it’s in Fairfield, as we now have Chipotle in Milford. It’s a similar yet different experience. I look forward to having my first meal there.

Also, for people looking for a jobs in Milford, Chipotle might still be looking for workers! Check them out and apply!

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