Downtown Milford is Alive and Well

With the weather warming up (aside from a few days of rain), everyone’s leaving the house and hitting up the local spots in Downtown Milford, including Archie Moore’s and Stonebridge, both of which sport open deck areas.

Around 7pm today, I was meeting with a client with mine at the office, and I had to park in the gravel lot by Scoopy Doo’s. Our usual Prudential spots by our Schooner Lane office were taken up by people dining and drinking at Cabo. I can’t blame them as their Mexican food is absolutely delicious there.

Sure, I had to park across the street, but it’s good to see the downtown area alive and well like this. Even this early on a Friday night, parking was hard to come by. Usually, you don’t experience this until around 9:30 or 10:00pm at night.

So if you’re in the mood f

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