Fresh Food Sections at Connecticut Target Stores

Target Dog Milford CT

Back in March, seven Connecticut Target stores introduced fresh food sections. One of these stores was the one in the Milford mall. The other six are found in Orange, North Haven, South Windsor, Enfield, New Britain, and Waterford. By October, six more stores will go through this addition as well – Ansonia, Meriden, Newington, Southington, Waterbury, and Windsor. More information can be found in this article from the Hartford Business Journal Online.

While the selection of goods at these fresh food sections vary by store, they generally contain fresh meat and produce, on top of frozen and baked goods. This makes your local Target more than your typical department store. For people in Milford and other Connecticut areas, this addition provides consumers with more choices. When you’re shopping for the best deals on groceries, you might be checking out all the various flyers in your Saturday Connecticut Post or New Haven Register. Target is now another option for you in the search.

Also, it makes the place much more of a one-stop-shop, so you can get a good amount of your shopping done here. You can find what you’re looking for at reasonable prices, save lots of time, and also save money on gas, traveling from store to store.

Of course, Target doesn’t receive love from everyone, but this could also be an opportunity for job openings in the area. Just like with the opening of Chipotle in Milford, expect more blog entries like this to give ideas for saving money and also job hunting.

You know what? I’ll write an upcoming entry on tips for job hunting in the area, using what I know from personal experience and also from my son’s input, as he went through all that in high school and college for his part-time jobs.

Even though I’m a Realtor and you’d expect mostly real estate-related blog entries from me, I want to keep people up to date with Milford and help people out, such as with job searches. These are not easy times, but we need to make the most of it. In addition, how boring would it be if I constantly wrote about real estate trends, statistics, and the whole nine yards? Doesn’t sound like fun at all. I don’t think I would even read my own entries if that were the case šŸ™‚

And if you have something to say about a blog entry, feel free to comment! I won’t bite. Trust me. As long as you’re not a spammer using some tools to promote certain pharmaceuticals in the blog comments, I won’t haha.

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