Harrison’s in Milford Coming Back?

Harrison's in Milford, CT
Courtesy of Brian A. Pounds / Connecticut Post

The Connecticut Post wrote today that the Harrison’s building in downtown Milford, Connecticut has the potential for making a comeback. Cyrus Settineri, chairman of the Economic Development Commission said, “This is not something to get excited about right now, but it is a positive start.”

Two other EDC members spoke with ACE Hardware executives to see if there was any interest in reopening this Milford landmark. The executives told them that this move is under consideration, although it’s not really a priority of theirs, as they are currently focusing their efforts in other areas of the country.

In January 2006, a fire in the Harrison’s building resulted in sprinklers flooding the main floor, causing a great deal of damage to the building. The 102 year old building has been a landmark in Milford for so long. It was in business for 99 years, opening as Harrison and Gould in 1907. Back then, it was more of a general store, until the 1950s when it started selling rifles and other various hunting and camping products.

David Sulkis, Milford’s City Planner, said that even though Harrison’s is on Milford’s list of historic structures that qualify for demolition delay, this landmark building still has the possibility of being torn down.

When my husband and I got our first taste of Milford CT real estate with our first home, we would always go to Harrison’s to fix up our handyman’s special. I remember going to that hardware store all the time for paint and other equipment needed to getting our home to the state it’s in today. There was a lot to be done for our home, so Harrison’s always meant a lot to us. When we didn’t need to go to a bigger store like Home Depot, we would always turn to Harrison’s.

That’s why when that fire in 2006 closed it down, it was really unfortunate.

Do you think ACE Hardware can bring this building back to life? According to that Connecticut Post article, it seems like there’s a significant amount of damage still on the main floor and the seven foot ceilings are still too low for commercial purposes. So that means a lot of work, money, and time will have to be invested in such a project. Will it be worth it?

Honestly, I’m not sure from a monetary standpoint, but for some people who love Milford and its landmarks, it would definitely be an exciting event if Harrison’s were to reopen.

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