Hurricane Irene Hits Milford CT

When Hurricane Irene hit Milford on August 28, 2011, she came with her strong gusty winds, lots of rain, and big waves from Long Island Sound. The day before Irene arrived, there was a mandatory evacuation ordered for those who live by Bayview Beach, Point Beach, Woodmont, and East Broadway areas. I was attending a baby shower that afternoon when one of the guests heard about the mandatory evacuation. The fun at the party was cut short and everybody had to leave either to go to church or to go home to prepare for the storm.

Check out this video to get a taste of what it was like by Point Beach:

We lost our power from Sunday at 7am until Wednesday at 4:20pm. The night before we lost power, I put together on top of the kitchen table 4 oil lamps, 4 flashlights, candles, and matches. I saved some water filling up 3 buckets and about 20 empty 2 liter Coke bottles from my recycling bin. Mu husband had 3 coolers in the garage filled with ice. This latest experience reminded me when I was young. I grew up with this way of life in a third world country. We had to eat dinner before dark. We had to read using candlelight or lamps then go to bed at 8pm. As my son said, since we couldn’t use internet, TV, and phones (although cell phones were available on a limited basis as we tried to conserve battery life), family bonding was at its best during these times. Family members got together in one room and had lots of stories to tell. Thousands of households lost power and took days and even weeks before it was restored. Some friends who did not lose power called us and offerred their homes and even their refrigerators/freezers to store some of our food to prevent spoiling.

The cost of damage in Milford left by Irene is in the millions of dollars, but at least not one human life was taken here. Once again, the city of Milford got together to help each other in time of need. Local and state government agencies, FEMA representatives, social services, the American Red Cross, insurance adjusters, relatives, friends, and neighbors acted swiftly to help those who were affected. As a Realtor, I got a lot of calls and emails from renters who lost their homes from the hurricane. My heart and prayers go out to those who lost their homes and belongings.

I’m really proud to be a citizen of Milford, the Small City with a Big Heart.

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