I Thought Jorge Posada Would Retire Last Night

Jorge Posada
Last night, during a terrible Yankee game against the Boston Red Sox, the announcers were constantly talking about Jorge Posada’s self-removable from the lineup. There was speculation that it was either because of his aching back or that Jorge was upset at being placed 9th in the batting order due to his lackluster performance lately. Then what really got my attention was when talks hinted at a possible abrupt retirement from the Yankee veteran.

With a press conference with Yankee manager Joe Girardi following the game, I stayed up longer just to hear what was up. It was a rather confusing event, as Brian Cashman was saying one thing, that Jorge’s reason for pulling out of last night’s lineup was non-injury-related.

When Girardi was interviewed, he said to the reporters that everything was fine and that there’s nothing wrong with Jorge. Also, he kept saying that the veteran Yankee catcher just needed a break, mainly because of how he was playing the past few days. However, it was obvious that something was up. Girardi’s reactions and body language were sending the wrong signals. Something was up.

When Jorge was interviewed personally by reporters in the locker room, he tried to brush things off as if they weren’t a big deal. Once again, something seemed fishy. He seemed rather annoyed. This could also be a result from all the reporters hassling him about this situation.

Overall, the who story seemed hyped throughout the game that the post-game interviews seemed kind of pointless to me. Who knows? Maybe some developing news might come up in the following days regarding this story. It’s just something that caught my attention. Just hearing of Jorge’s potential retirement out of nowhere had me stop what I was doing.

As for the Yankees themselves, they haven’t been too hot lately. Although, honestly, I haven’t been watching them that much lately. Maybe I’ll have the TV on with the game and follow passively as I try to browse for Milford CT homes for sale in the MLS that my current clients might be interested in. This summer, my husband, son, and I need to take a trip to the new Stadium. We haven’t been there as a family in YEARS, and the last time my son went was a few summers ago, before the new home of the Yankees was finished. It’ll be a nice day trip. I just need to put my real estate work aside for a day 🙂

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