It Pays to Be a Patient Buyer

One of my clients the other day asked me if she was my worst client. She thought so because we’ve been working together for a few months, still trying to find the home just right for her and her boyfriend.

It Pays to Be Patient
Here’s the deal with finding a home: it pays to be patient. My clients above know what they want, and if there’s a house they like with some features or flaws that bother them, they’ll continue their search elsewhere. This is smart as they don’t want to experience any bit of buyer’s remorse after the closing and when they’re all moved in and settled.

Why Settle for Less?
Buying a home is such a big commitment of time and money, so why settle for less? Especially if you plan on living at your next house for a while, invest the time in searching for the house right for you, the house that’ll suit your needs.

Don’t Let the Price Be Your Only Deciding Factor
Yes, we all love good deals, especially in such an economic state we are experiencing. However, don’t let an attractive price be your sole reason for making an offer. Ask yourself a few questions, such as:

Do I see myself in this house?
Am I willing and able to afford any possible renovations?
Is this what I’m looking for in a house?

Let’s Work Together to Find that Happy Ending
I actually had a client who I worked with for two years. Yes, it took us two years to find the perfect home for him as several deals fell through in the past and there were a lot of homes that were nice yet not right for him and his family. After all those years of showings, offers, and the like, he found his sanctuary and happiness there as well.

And what about the clients at the beginning of this blog? They just recently found the house right for them. I wish them both the best 🙂

Are you looking for your real estate happy ending? Feel free to browse the MLS for listings of Milford CT homes for sale or contact me for more information.

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