It’s Not Like James Tate Spray Painted the Wall…

Many of you have probably heard about James Tate, an 18 year old senior at Shelton high school, who put a message in tape on a brick wall of his school, asking his girlfriend out to prom. Unfortunately, school officials banned him from his June 4th senior prom, mainly because he was suspended after April 1st.

It was no easy task as he had to use a tall ladder to tape up the 12 inch letters onto that brick wall. He even took safety precautions, like wearing a helmet, on top of having a few of his friends help him out. These friends each received one-day in-school suspensions as well as being banned from prom, too.

Thousands of people even outside of Connecticut have heard about this news, with trending topics all over Twitter and even commotion popping up on various Facebook groups. One Facebook group is currently at beyond 45,000 members and growing. That’s just the power of the internet for you.

Millions of high school students go through the American tradition of prom every year, so to deny this student and his friends of this privilege? It’s pretty crazy because kids look forward to this moment in their lives for so long. After all those years of working hard in school and being teenagers, prom is a time when high schoolers can let go and enjoy the company of all their closest friends before they head their separate ways in college. Yes, they did trespass onto school property at night, but it’s not like he spray painted the brick wall of the school with his message. This alone shows that he had no intention of vandalizing the school and would eventually take down the taped on message.

While his girlfriend said yes, things are currently up in the air. Hopefully all of these blog posts, Tweets, and Facebook activity will get Shelton High School officials to change their minds. That’s why I wanted to join in on the cause 🙂

I really do hope for the best for James Tate, his friends, and his girlfriend, so they can enjoy one of the last hoorahs of high school. Those high school years are some of the most carefree that kids go through. While I’m not saying what he did was 100% okay, considering he went onto school grounds after hours, he didn’t do something so terrible that would warrant such a punishment.

James, I wish you the best of luck.

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