Milford CT Mayor Richetelli in Need of Certification for Deputy of Schools Superintendent

In Milford, CT, Mayor James Richetelli’s upcoming position is Deputy of Schools Superintendent. However, he currently needs an education certification from the state of Connecticut prior to taking upon this position. Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Feser says that this is not a big deal, as Richetelli is qualified to receive the certification. If he were not qualified, then that would raise a “red flag”, as stated on

According to the Feser, the requirements include:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accepted college
  • Qualify in 6 out of 11 areas of public administration and education, including serving in an administrative function, overseeing purchasing, accounting and reporting, food service, data processing, supplies and maintenance, budgeting, developing an operational plan, grant applications, collective bargaining and transportation, and insurance.
  • College transcripts
  • Written letter by a current city employee about Richetelli’s work in those 6 out of 11 areas

As of Thursday, Richetelli is in the process of applying for his certification online.

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