Obama Delivers Commencement Address at US Coast Guard Academy

Obama Delivers Commencement Address at US Coast Guard Academy Graduation
Courtesy of CTPost.com and Charles Dharapak / AP

Earlier today, President Barack Obama spoke at the US Coast Guard Academy graduation, delivering his final commencement address of the season. In New London, Connecticut, there were 229 cadets in the graduating class of 2011.

The President stressed the importance of their role as one of the nation’s first responders. Their service in recent years include evacuating citizens of lower Manhattan during 9/11, assisting with both the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the earthquake in Haiti, and also bringing Americans to higher ground as their areas were destroyed by the Mississippi River.

Here’s an excerpt from his commencement addresss:

“Around the world we need you to partner with other nations to secure their ports, protect the vital shipping lanes of the Persian Gulf, combat piracy off the horn of Africa and help train foreign partners from the Americas to Africa to Asia…Here at home we need you to stop those smugglers, and protect our oceans and prevent terrorists from slipping deadly weapons into our ports.”

The landing of Air Force One at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT, however, didn’t go as smoothly. Due to the rainy weather, the President’s plane had to do a “go-around” and make a second attempt as landing with poor visibility of the landing strip.

After the graduation at the US Coast Guard Academy, President Obama hopped back on Air Force One to fly to Boston where he is to speak at two fundraisers. Current Celtics 3 point ace and former UConn star, Ray Allen, is said to make an appearance at one of these receptions to show his support for Obama, who is an enthusiastic basketball fan.

It’s really great to see the President of the United States come to our state, even for just a little bit. No matter who our President is, there’s just that special feeling you get when he (or she) comes to your area. It’s not like with a celebrity. Rather, it’s like a much bigger, more important feeling. I don’t know…that’s just me haha.

Also, just hearing of all these commencement addresses by important individuals reminds me of my son’s graduation about a year ago. How time flies! That feeling you get when you son or daughter reaches that point in your life – you feel proud of both your kid and yourself. It was some journey, and for both you and your kids, it’s only the beginning of their future.

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