Silver Sands State Park/Walnut Beach Boardwalk

Silver Sands State Park Walnut Beach Boardwalk
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Just recently, the 4000 foot Milford, CT boardwalk was completed, connecting both Silver Sands State Park and Walnut Beach. It was not designed in a straight path due to recreational  purposes and for the balancing of surrounding areas. These newly finished boardwalk is perfect for inhabitants of both beach communities, cutting down the total time of travel. Usually, if you were to go through the beach, this trip would take up to 30 minutes more in travel time.

Milford’s Mayor Richetelli says that this boardwalk provides both convenience and economic benefits. It bridges the gap between the businesses of the two beach communities. In addition, Silver Sands State Park is a huge attraction for Milford residents, various Connecticut residents, and also visitors from outside of the state.

For years, I’ve always wanted to walk from Walnut Beach to Silver Sands or vice versa. For me, I just need a simple path where I can walk whenever I so desire. It just seems too much of a hassle for me to walk through the beach, and I’m not much of a long distance walker haha. All I want is a short, easy walk. With this new boardwalk, I can definitely see myself parking at either end point, and enjoying the boardwalk trip on a nice summer day. Once the weather has warmed up a bit and the sun’s out more, I’ll definitely be checking this out.

My son keeps talking about biking through that path, and from the pictures we’ve seen so far, it looks like something great for bikers and runners. Having to do that before the boardwalk was practically not doable, but fortunately, now it’s a reality for Milford citizens. With our nation’s desire of becoming healthier and more active, hopefully this boardwalk will be a huge step for Milford in that direction.

While we did use a picture from a article above, expect some pictures from us in the near future. We’re just waiting for the weather to warm up more so my son can take a trip there and snap a bunch of pictures for everyone. It really is a neat addition to two of our beach communities. As Mayor Richetelli said, hopefully it’ll attract more people to Milford. With big events such as the sand sculpture contests there over the summer, it’ll be interesting to see how this addition will improve such experiences.

If you haven’t checked out the new Milford boardwalk, definitely check it out soon 🙂

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