The American Dream

Hey everyone!

I’m Lydia Lucas, a Prudential CT Realtor in Milford, and welcome to my newly redesigned website. Over the years, it has gone over a few changes and even some complete overhauls, but now will grow into your source of information for New Haven County real estate. Whether you’re looking for a rental or a home, or you are interested in selling your home, I’m the Realtor for you!

With this first blog entry, I want to touch upon the subject of owning a new home. It’s part of the American Dream, isn’t it? However, it can be a daunting experience in our lives, even for those who have purchased a home in the past. To think, all your hard-earned money will be used towards this one investment? That’s where Realtors come into play. We’re here to guide you through the whole process, whether you’re buying or selling, in order to make you feel more comfortable with your decisions.

The first time homebuyers are the ones I hold close to my heart. Why? Most of them are families with young children. Parents set their priorities, and buying a house for the family is on the top of their list. I’ve been through this and I still remember all the sacrifices my husband and I made in order for us to afford a “handyman special”. For my family, that first house was and still is our castle.

Design, size, or age of the first house doesn’t matter. Location, affordability, and the family’s enjoyment are the most important factors. I could still feel my family’s excitement and happiness when the key was handed to us by the closing attorney. We were asking ourselves, “Is this real?” Owning a piece of America is one of the greatest achievements, especially for immigrants like us.

This group of first time homebuyers are very reluctant or skeptical to contact a Realtor. They are afraid that they would be forced to buy when they aren’t ready for the big move. What they do is ask friends and relatives or search on the internet. They don’t understand that Realtors are consultants who can answer their questions about the home buying process. Realtors will guide them step by step from the pre-qualification to closing.


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