Update! James Tate is Going to the Shelton High School Prom!

Earlier today, Dr. Beth Smith, Headmaster of Shelton High School, although reluctant, agreed to allow James Tate and his two friends to attend their senior prom. This is just an update on my post on James Tate from last Wednesday.

James Tate's Prom Note on the Wall of Shelton High School
Courtesy of CTPost.com

I’m just really happy that these kids will be able to enjoy themselves for this big event before heading off to college. It’s unfortunate though that one of James’s friends told his original date to go to prom with another friend instead. Hopefully, he’ll be able to find a last minute date. Regardless, he should just attend to be able to have a good time with the rest of his senior class.

This right here shows the power of the media, especially social media in this day and age of the internet. When this first happened, news spread like a wildfire through various avenues of social networking, like Facebook and Twitter. We’ve all heard of different instances where these internet sites were used for big news events. It’s just great to imagine what the future can hold.

Also, these sites are great for us Realtors 🙂

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