Watch Out for Courses Like “Trump University”

In San Diego, California, people are suing Donald Trump for his “infomercials” disguised as expensive real estate courses that tend to take advantage of people struggling financially. These people see these courses as an opportunity to rise out of their financial issues, when in reality these courses most likely dig them into a deeper hole. They fall for the hope that the real estate guru will share his money-making secrets.

Donald Trump University

One person from the article linked to above invested $1500 into this real estate course, despite her $5000 monthly mortgage and other financial issues. She was hoping this seminar would help her learn how Trump made his riches and create success for herself as well. At the end of the seminar, this lady succumbed to the pressures of the sales pitches from Trump’s sales team, signing up for the $35,000 “Trump Gold Elite Course”.

While she was promised a personal mentor in helping her find success in the real estate industry, all the course really did was teach her to put up bandit signs that advertised “cheap housing”. This tactic is even considered illegal in her area of Orange County, California.

As a Realtor, I have encountered similar “courses” that promise riches and success in your future as long as you sign up and take the course. Let me ask you this – if you were making a fortune in your industry or niche, would you tell people ALL of your money-making secrets? Of course not, or else they’re no longer “secrets”.

Especially in such economic times, people are more likely to fall for these courses. That’s why I want to warn people of these scams that might put you in a worse economic situation. They may seem to give you all these promises, but Trump’s team is simply utilizing common selling and marketing psychology to lure people into signing up. As shown in the example above, each course offered seems to be a precursor to a more expensive “advanced” course that salespersons are trained to upsell. Doesn’t sound like a good education to me…

Whether you’re buying, selling, renting, or investing in Milford CT real estate, there’s no magic bullet or special course that’ll help you find success. If you have no idea where to start, regardless of what you plan to do in the real estate industry, feel free to contact me. It’s my duty to help consult my clients, so I’m there for you when you need me.

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