Planning an Open House

Planning an Open House: It’s Show Time!!

  • You only have one chance for a good first impression
  • Turn on lights
  • Open all blinds and curtains
  • Fresh flowers with fresh water
  • Clean house
    • Make beds
    • Put down toilet seats
    • Pick up clutter
    • Straighten rooms
    • Empty sink
    • Take out trash
  • Turn on easy listening music
  • Be aware of smells
    • Use air fresheners – lemon or orange scents
    • Baby powder
    • Last night’s dinner?
    • Air out bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Pets
    • Clean kitty litter box, clean up yards, get pets out of the house
  • Turn on heat or turn up air conditioning
  • Put out brochures and disclosures
  • Unlock all doors, the garage, basement, storage areas, or leave keys
  • Leave the house 🙂

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